Hi! First off, welcome. This is going to be an absolute blast. Second off, can we just talk about how great Minnesota is? It’s February and I have my windows open. The air is fresh and cool. I’m already drinking iced coffee which typically doesn’t happen until April so, like, this is neat.

Let me introduce myself and this new blog going on. My name is Haley. I’m a 27 year old gal who likes to run, take pictures of my dog, eat, and stay busy. You wanna know more? Just read the about me section because that says it all. I’ve had a blog once before but I’m incredibly excited for this new venture. My life involves a heavy dose of running, and you’re going to get to hear all about it.

Now lets just start with the most recent running adventure because I literally cannot stop thinking about it. 3 of my best running mates (we call ourselves the ARunFam) and myself recently ventured down to Nawlins. Why the heck did we go there you ask? I was wondering the same thing at first…but let me tell you, New Orleans might be one of the coolest places I have ever been to. The best food. The best music. The coolest streets lined with tiny colonial style houses.

We went for vacation but decided to run a half marathon while in town. A Rock-N-Roll half marathon to be exact. And boy was it fun. New Orleans is super flat so almost everyone PR’d (I did not). Bands lined the streets, the weather was a balmy 65 degrees.

We finished before most people even wake up on a Sunday and spent the rest of the day celebrating our successful morning. That’s the thing about running. You gotta treat yourself for all the hard work and sweat you put into it am I right? What better way to do that than with mimosas (heaving in the mim) and chips (shoutout to my girl Andrea for sharing this habit).

Things I learned from doing a destination half marathon with friends. I will never travel solo again. I will always run destination runs with this crew. When given the choice to eat a donut before a 6 mile run, I will always say yes. I might even say yes to running 2 miles incredibly slow after an all-night party on Frenchmen Street. I will never judge you for singing to Allanis Morisette at the top of your lungs. Stacy’s mom has got it going on.

Basically, the point of this first post is to tell you to find the people that bring out the best in you. Find the people that let you smile with your mouth open and won’t judge you for it. Find the people you can share a wardrobe with. Find the people that laugh at your jokes and give them right back. Find the people that eat donuts, drink champagne, and Venmo you later. Find your ARunFam and never let them go. Because they are the people that truly matter. Without them, you might keep running but it won’t mean a thing. With them, you’ve won.




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