Friday’s are my favorite. They usually start off with a sweet breakfast…maybe eggs and bacon, maybe a donut if I’m extra excited. I like to browse the New Music Friday playlist on Spotify for some new hot tracks. I also like snuggling with my super sleepy yet cuddly little monkeyofadog Ruthie (did you think I would miss an opportunity to post a pic of her…absolutely not).


Friday’s usually bring about some time by myself where I can sit back, re-evaluate the week, and plan for the next. I enjoy this time but sometimes it stresses me out. Looking ahead to a future full of busy-ness. What meals should I prep this weekend, how far do I have to run Saturday morning? When will I wash my hair? Crap, the dog needs food…now I have to go to Chuck and Don’s. Oh maybe she needs a new toy…or 5. The list usually continues to grow and eventually I’ll say “fuck it” and go get a bloody mary instead.

So, how do you find balance between tasks, fun, socializing, fitness, eating, and sleeping? I usually prioritize by exercising first (hello endorphin’s/energy) and then shittiest item to most fun.

My morning list would look something like this:

  1. Run/Workout
  2. Breakfast (becuase no one likes a Hangry Haley)
  3. Laundry, dishes, house chores
  4. Grocery Shop
  5. Walk the dog
  6. Meal Prep
  7. Drink more coffee
  8. Take a salt bath

It’s like man, by that time I am ready for a nap! Lately I’ve been a fan of the 15-20 minute power nap. Anything longer than that and I wake up feeling hungover. Gimme dat nap then it’s time to roll on with the day.

Eventually 5pm rolls around and I’m like “where’s the wine?” Wine time = social time in my book. Whether it’s sipping it at home on the couch with Sam and Ruthie watching This Is Us, or standing in the dance corridor with my running pals, wine always brings on the best conversations, the best of nights.


So take a salt bath, grab a glass of wine, prioritize your life lists, and get shit done.

Catch ya later!



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