Hello-this post is brought to you from the floor of my living room. My dog is currently curled up in a ball hogging all the sun but whatever…she leads a tough life and deserves it.

So, I was out of town last week and like most humans do when they travel, I posted a shit ton of pictures to Instagrammmm. Someone (not going to name names) messaged me and asked “What do you eat? Goodness grief I’m jealous of your diet.”

Only picture not of food…hey

Looking back through my posts, almost all of them contained a donut, cookie, or beverage of some sort. Some might call it #foodporn others might call it #carbloading4life.  I prefer “living.”

The title of this blog is Real Running, so lets be real. I run so I can eat all the treats (not the only reason but a big slice of the pie).

Before consuming a lunch of fresh/local ham and cheese sandwich and the best damn french fries, I went for a 4 mile run through hilly Duluth after a morning walk with my sister and her dog.

Told ya it’s hilly

Yes I probably ate more calories than I burned but who cares? The run made my heart happy, the meal made my belly happy.

I will most likely never turn down the opportunity to drink a bloody mary on Saturday morning with a side of fresh-deep-fried-pickles-that-make-you-want-to-dance-with-joy or a glass of red reserve wine from a local winery.

You see, much like going out for drinks and dinner, running is a social thing. You run past people on the street and say hello. You run with thousands of other athletes in a marathon and feel like a badass. So really, I’m not crazy and eating donuts and running really makes perfect sense. Like deep fried picks and bloody marys make sense.

It’s like my dad always says…everything in moderation. No, I don’t eat 5 donuts every day. No I don’t run every day. Because if we did everything every day, not only would those things become extremely boring, but we’d lose passion for them. And I do not want to live in a world where I do not crave chocolate covered-honey-filled donuts. I do not want to live in a world where running isn’t fun anymore.

So listen to your heart and your belly. If you’re craving a donut, eat the damn donut. If you want to go for a 2 mile run along the beach or up a hill, let your legs take you away.




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