I’ve been really into egg pancakes lately. You see, the donuts, ice cream, pizza…it’s all been great but sometimes it’s too much. Sometimes I like a less sugary filled meal. Here’s how you make an egg pancake:

Take 2 eggs + 2 egg whites + 1/3 cup oats + cinnamon. Mix all that up and pour into a heated pan on the stovetop. Flip after about 2 minutes. It’ll get nice and puffy. Top with your fave toppers (mine are currently shredded coconut and apple butter). Ya welcome.

I’ve been extra hungry lately and I’m not sure why…PMsing? Running more (shoutout to my husband Sam-after 6 years together, we’ve started running together and it’s the most fun). Squatting heavier? Or maybe I’m growing? Is it possible to have a growth spurt as an adult? Well let me tell you, I’ve been a bottomless pit lately and CAN’T STOP thefeeling EATING.

Feed me and run with me

Now that foods on my mind, let me grab a snack…brb….3 minutes later…

Okay, hello again. Yesterday was a day. I did like 3 loads of laundry (wife of the year), made the bed, took a shower AND a bath (Earth Day’s not til tomorrow), got an oil change, and even got in a run/walk with my dog.

Now, if you’ve never met Ruthie, here’s one thing you need to know. She is a horrible runner. She can go about 1 mile then she gets run drunk. She starts swerving so that I have to jump over her. Then she’ll come to a screetching halt for a snack of grass and dirt. It used to make me sad because I wanted a dog that could run for days, but I’ve accepted the fact that Ruthie is a really great walking mate.

Looks more like a Star Wars character than a runner.

So we ran a mile then walked 3 more. We walked through this super lovely wooded park by our house which always whisks me away to my thoughts.  Yesterday’s thoughts: Fearless Dogs.

I was watching Ruthie walk along without a care in the world. She poops in the grass, rolls in the dirt (like ew-us humans would NEVER), listens to her body and runs until she doesn’t want to anymore, stares down geese without instantly thinking they might attack her…the list goes one.

While this is all normal activity for a dog…it got me thinking. Maybe I need to change my attitude to think like a dog. No I don’t mean taking huge shits in people’s yards or on the sidewalk (picture that). I mean living fearlessly. Not caring what other’s think about me. Wearing the shirt that says “PIT BUL LVR” if I want. Running when I want for as long as I want. Meeting new people and not instantly thinking they’re judging me. Trying new things (I totes need to work on this).

It all makes sense…dogs do what they want without a care in the world. They meet new friends everyday, sniff each other’s butts, then carry on. So next time you want to introduce yourself to someone channel your inner dog and sniff their butt…just kidding you’d probably go to jail for that. But really-DO SOMETHING without fear.

Zero Shits Given

Here’s to dogs-may we know them, may we love them, may we live fearlessly like them.





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