Today, I ran without a watch. AND IT WAS GLORIOUS. You see, normally I strap Tommy the Tom Tom on and trust him every step of the way. Trust that he’s tracking my miles, my pace…how many calories I burn. Usually without him, I run with my phone to track the same stats.

Today was different. I woke up to the birds chirping, a sun-filled window, and a steaming cup of coffee…and said fuck it, I’m gonna run without Tommy today (I actually couldn’t if I wanted to because he has been misplaced for the time being…mom, is he at your house?).

Tommy-always keeping track of me

So I’m a little OCD when it comes to running. I have to run in even #’s. What I mean by that is I can never end on a .odd (1.99, 2.05). I must always get to that even distance. I also always try to run over the .0 (2.0, 5.0). Just in case my watch would be off I want to make sure I’m going far enough to what I set my sights on for that day. I told Sam that the other night and he looked at me like I was insanE (what a capital E).

Here’s what I learned from ditching Tommy.

  1. Running sans technology is freeing. 

Bye to tracking distance (and those silly even numbers). Hello to running on how I feel. I was more in tune with my body, my breath, my legs, and felt a lot more relaxed. I could just go. If I didn’t hit that full mile, whatevs bevs because I didn’t even know.

2. You don’t have to pause your watch if you stop.

You know I took it slow past the dog park to see what kinds of pups were playing. Normally I’d have to pause my watch or I’d skip slowing down all together and miss out on seeing those precious creatures. Not today. Whatdup lil doggies.

3. You can still get in a good run (maybe faster/farther than anticipated).

Who knows how far I went. I went based off feel and that felt friggin fantastic. When my legs got tired, I stopped and walked it in (to the tune of…”bring em out”…except it was “walk it in”). And you know what-I feel refreshed, happy, determined, and satisfied.

4. I will still run with my watch BUT will  make an effort to try one watch-less run a week.

Because you can still feel like a badass and pretend you’re Pocahontas running through the woods (she for sure didn’t have a GPS watch).

How I feel about running without Tommy

Join me on this watch-less revolution wouldja? Try one run without it. Free yourself for fifty minutes. Focus on your breath. Listen to your body (not the beep of your GPS). Just go.




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