Running in the Rain


It’s been raining for days and that got me thinking…Do you ever run in the rain? Or do you stick to treadmills on the rainy days?

I usually don’t like being wet, unless it’s when running. The drip drop pattern of rain calms me. My mind strays from focusing on how far I’m going, how far I’ve gone…to navigating the darkness of the morning.

I just finished reading a book called “Racing in the Rain.” While it wasn’t about running, it talked about how in the rain you have to drive/race differently. Turn the wheel with care, find your grip, be confident, and trust you’ve prepared yourself.

Can’t we use that mindset in running too? Trust that you’ve trained the right way. Be confident in your form, your breath, your stride. Believe that you are meant to be in this position at this time. Move your legs with care, pick up speed, round the corners, dig in on the straight-a-ways.

Let the rain calm you. Relax your shoulders. Keep going when you want to stop. Zone in on the finish line. Race in the rain.


So here’s to running in the rain- jumping puddles, keeping your balance, and finishing the race with confidence.




Sup. It’s Monday and it’s raining…how friggin fitting. I’m not being sarcastic. I actually find it peaceful when it rains on Mondays.

This past weekend was a wonderful time. We had our first community run of 2017 with the gym I work at (If you’re in MPLS, come!), did some really fun workouts with some really cool people, took my dog to the dogpark for the first time with Sam, and ate a really tasty Reese’s Blizzard. Oh, and tried a Parlour Burger (Shoutout to Dr. Andy for at Well Adjusted MPLS). Like WOW. I don’t think I’ve ever tasted anything better. Besides the Reese’s Blizzard…maybe.

Anywho back to the community run. We did 5 miles at an 8 min pace and I about shit myself with excitement at this. I have never held a solid 8 min mile pace (I think my PR for 3 miles is an 8:07) so this was great stuff. You might not think much of a 7 second difference but you see, I’m trying to qualify for the 2018 Boston Marathon with my friends (they’ve already qualified cuz they’re super heros) so 7 seconds is a lot for me.

18209334_10208586870581371_872987215096987449_oNow let me tell you-running this was not easy. My lungs burned, my legs wanted to stop. But then I thought of that one goal and said SHUT UP HALEY JUST RUN. Sometimes my mind gets so dramatic but it’s like, just stop, you got this.

This running season I am really focusing more on taking care of my body because…well…without it, I wouldn’t be running. Haven’t you heard…your body is a temple…treat it right and it will treat you right.

In the past I was not good about recovery. Or even running. I’d run, workout, go for a hike…all in the same day. And the next day I’d feel like crap but I’d do it all again. This time around I’m setting some tough goals and am going to need all the recovery I can get.

I’ll be keeping a journal about runs, how I felt, what the weather was like, what I ate, how I slept…my times…etc. I’ll also be taking 2 rest days. 1 full sit-on-the-couch-and-watch-netflix-day and 1 active rest day (think biking or hiking). I’m also working on fueling my body for performance…so yes, I’ll still eat freaking donuts but instead of 2, maybe I’ll aim for 1 donut and a plate of eggs/bacon…maybe.

Here’s what I enjoy doing for recovery…follow it or don’t…it doesn’t really matter to me. But after a decade of running, I’ve found this is what works for me.

  1. ICE BATH after long runs. SALT BATH the rest of the days. The ice bath really keeps me from getting sore. The salt bath feels so good on my muscles and joints. I recently ordered some new salt and it smells amazing and relaxes me right away. I like to take about 30 minutes to enjoy a soak, do a face mask, play candy crush, and drink Chocolate Milk. Yes, I’m a child.Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
  2. FOAM ROLL. It hurts like a mother but is so good. I especially enjoy rolling out my IT bands and butt. #bootylikebeyonce I like to take a good 30 minutes to roll then another 10-15 to work on my ankles and hammies with a lacrosse ball. #ballerProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset
  3. See a Chiropractor. I started this last summer and it seriously changed the way I recover. I go to Well Adjusted in Minneapolis and wouldn’t go anywhere else. I’ve gotten work done on my IT bands, ankles, and hamstrings and it makes all the difference.
  4. Be smart about your non-run days. Do some strength work, stretch out, play more candy crush, take a hike, SWIM (I’d love to do more swimming), take a bath (salt)…the options are endless.

I get so hungry during marathon training season so I also make sure I always have snacks…proteins and fats (deli ham and avocado…hard boiled eggs).

What are some of your fave ways to recover?

Here’s to a speedy season of running and many PR’s.