It’s been raining for days and that got me thinking…Do you ever run in the rain? Or do you stick to treadmills on the rainy days?

I usually don’t like being wet, unless it’s when running. The drip drop pattern of rain calms me. My mind strays from focusing on how far I’m going, how far I’ve gone…to navigating the darkness of the morning.

I just finished reading a book called “Racing in the Rain.” While it wasn’t about running, it talked about how in the rain you have to drive/race differently. Turn the wheel with care, find your grip, be confident, and trust you’ve prepared yourself.

Can’t we use that mindset in running too? Trust that you’ve trained the right way. Be confident in your form, your breath, your stride. Believe that you are meant to be in this position at this time. Move your legs with care, pick up speed, round the corners, dig in on the straight-a-ways.

Let the rain calm you. Relax your shoulders. Keep going when you want to stop. Zone in on the finish line. Race in the rain.


So here’s to running in the rain- jumping puddles, keeping your balance, and finishing the race with confidence.



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