Hello! Can you believe it’s already almost July? THIS IS INSANE. Time, slow your roll.

So, a few things have probably changed since last post. I haven’t eaten one donut since, and my running crew (shoutout Kit, Dre, and Bri) and I ran the Gary Bjorklund Half Marathon in Duluth a couple weekends ago. Extra special shout out to my hubby and his bff Ryan who ran the full! YOU GO BOYS.

So the half went swimmingly. However, my commute to the race was like the most stressful thing ever. I’ve done this race plenty of times and usually go up the Wednesday or Thursday before on account of my sister lives in Duluth. This time, I had to go up Friday after work since I just started a new job and do not have any vacay time yet. The trip that normally takes 2 ish hours took just about 4. It was exhausting. To make matters more stressful, I drove over a lift bridge as the bridge was getting ready to raise and almost shit myself. My phone also died and I lost the address to where I was meeting the run crew for family dinner. That was it for terrible experiences though…the fam dinner was phenomenal and after a walk along the beach, it was time for bed.

Fast forward to 3:50 AM the next morning and it was time to wake. You see, the half starts at 6:15  which is pretty fricken early for a run. “Run with the sun” as I like to say. Anywho, we got to the start line, peed, and waited. I was feeling a little tired but ready to roll.

Fast forward 1:47 minutes later and I crossed the finish line with a new personal record. My goal was to keep an 8 minute mile which I didn’t actually do but the PR was exciting. Next up, the Erie Marathon in Sept. Really kicking it in gear and hoping for a Boston qualifying time (more to come on this later).

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Sam’s medal and my medal!

After the half I was freakishly sore for about 5 days. My hips, ankles, and hamstrings were like wtf Haley. So I took it easier last week and only ran Thursday and Saturday. Saturday marked the start of Marathon Training and I ran 13 easy miles that felt like shit. I felt tired, sluggish, and my calves locked up about 5 miles in. But I got in the miles and took a nap about 2 hours after getting home.

I also decided on said run that I am going to share my training experience with you all. The high’s, the low’s, the poop your pants moments, the snacks…a journal of my training program. If you’re thinking, “man, that sounds boring,” well, I’m not forcing you to read it. If you do read it, I love and appreciate you.

So, moving on from running-last Sunday I forced my dog Ruthie to wake up at 5am and go on a lovely hike at the state park in my hometown. I wanted to get there when it opened to miss the crowds.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
Climbed a big hill for this view

This is one of my most favorite hikes and there’s nothing like being the only people/animals on the trail when the sun is rising. I would do this every morning if I lived closer to the park…someday 🙂

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Ruthie and I at the waterfall
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Just a baby in nature

That’s it for now-stay tuned for some running posts coming at ya in the next few weeks.




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