What the heck. We’re already almost halfway through July. The weather we’re currently having is Minnesota is super great if you have a swimming pool or hose…not ideal for running. I’m trying to convince myself running in the heat is fun and is actually going to make me faster…so far it’s just made me tired, disappointed, thirsty, and ready for a cold bath.

Yes, I’ve been so hot post the last 2 runs I’ve taken cold salt baths…not even sure if this does anything for me but it feels good AF and I’m convinced it’s recovering my legs faster than no bath at all.

So lets chat all things running related happening since last week.

Last Thursday I ran some 1/4 mile repeats and it felt aight. I did these after working out and at 5:30 pm so obviously it was hot. My brain lately has been really awful at picking good times to run but sometimes you gotta squeeze it in while you can. I went home, ate some tacos, watched Big Brother, and went to bed.

Friday morning at 9AM I got a really big craving for something sour and walked to the Walgreens to peruse the candy aisle. Low and behold one of my fave candies just jumped into my hand and next thing I knew I was burning the roof of my mouth on an entire bag of chewy sour Sweet Tarts. At about noon I got a stomach ache but who cares. My heart was happy with my morning decision.

I’ve also been enjoying these protein bars (I’m not usually a protein bar type gal but I’ve been in a pinch for time lately and these do the trick). My mom gave them to Sam and I and they almost (key word ALMOST) remind me of those Little Debbie peanut butter wafer snacks I used to down as a child. Anyway, these bars fill me up and hold me over until lunch. I’ve also been living on Vietnamese coffee. Especially in the heat. Nothing like a big glass of sweet, iced coffee.

All you do is brew 12 cups of extra strong coffee. Then toss in some espresso powder and 1 can of sweetened condensed milk. Stir and store in the fridge. GAH. I want some now. This coffee has kicked my cream habit but turned me on to sweetened condensed milk. Not sure which is a better option but again, I don’t care.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Over the weekend I got to run with my fave run friends and it was glorious and awful all at the same time. I think we did about 8 miles which included some of the toughest hills you can run in MN (in my opinion). It’s such a great, challenging course and it felt good after…but during…I just wanted to toss my cookies. I was also thinking of good lines during the run to keep my mind busy and came up with this…”the neighborhood where the houses are as big as the hills.” Yes, these are the thoughts that pop into my head during training runs.

Anyway, this would have been a much better run (feeling wise) had I not stayed out until about 12:30 the night before celebrating a good friends wedding. I NEVER stay awake later than 9:30 so this was a big deal for me…and worth the “hangover” feeling the next day. SO WORTH it. One of the most fun nights in quite some time. Congrats Sam and Matt!

Now today, I just ran 4 miles at an 8 minute mile pace. That was super fun. Again, I took off around 5:30PM when it was 87 degrees and HUMID. But I’m trying to train myself to like the heat remember? I mean I actually do like the heat it just makes me feel like a slug. But the 4 miles felt pretty decent. My legs felt strong (even after Squatting yesterday), my mind got clear, and it felt good to hold a consistent pace.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Shoutout to my husband Sam for this really good post-run picture

I plan to recover tonight with some pizza, chocolate milk, and salad. My fave TV show America’s Got Talent is on tonight so I’ll probably put me feet up, watch for a while, then crawl into bed around 9. I’m trying really hard to limit screen time before bed and get at least 7 hours of sleep and so far…on a scale of 1 to 10…I’m at about a 5. Room for improvement.

The rest of the week will consist of a sprint running workout, one more big day of squatting, a 16 mile run on Saturday (pray for us…it’s gonna be hot), and swimming…lots and lots of swimming.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
That’s my girl.

Peace, Love, and Puppies.



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