Got ya with that title didn’t I eh? For sure for sure. It’s like man I love blogging but sometimes I just have too many thoughts to blog about. My mind gets jumbled, and then I lose everything. That is happening right now so who actually knows where this post is going to go. It’ll be an adventure!

A lot of my blog posts come about based on pictures I’ve taken over the last week. Looking through my gallery this morning, I can say last week was a dandy of a time. Highlights include a Twins game with my cool parents:

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My mom says I have wrinkles because I don’t wear polarized sunglasses. LOL.

a boat cruise on Lake Minnetonka with my BFFLs to see Zac Brown Band (which I have not stopped listening to since):

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and a super slow paced-yet-super-fun 20 mile run followed by a day at the pool:

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Post Run hydration

Lets continue chatting about this 20 mile run for a sec…I woke up bright and early at 5AM Saturday morning, packed my fuel belt with 1 mini reeses pb cup, a handful of sour gummies, and 2 mini bottles of cucumber-lime gatorade (Only sports drink I will willingly drink), then set off to catch the sunrise. My favorite thing is waking up early for a run. There’s nobody out, you get the entire side-walk to yourself, and if you have to poop, you can kind of go anyplace that’s convenient.

I did a really fun loop through a park, past some lakes, up some hills, around a neighborhood, through some stop lights, past a gas-station, through a dog-park, and made it home in 3 hours and 4 minutes or something like that. The route was actually really great and I had a blast with myself. I don’t listen to music or anything so I use this time to make up jokes, write poems, think about people, dreams, life, dogs, and blogging.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Just a trail through a park

One of the topics that regularly pops into my mind on these long runs is balance. Balance between working out and running…resting and eating. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I have a really hard time taking rest days. I was getting better at it but now that I sit at a desk for 8 hours of my day, I feel like I have to do some form of physical activity every single day. That’s normal right? Running, lifting, biking, hiking…all things I do to keep active. But when is too much to much? Tell-tale signs for me are pain in my knees, sleepiness, and sore throats. Any time I am pushing myself too hard, all of these things set in and I know it’s time to cool it.

I do aim for 1 complete rest day each week but even that is tough. I get restless leg syndrome-it’s incredibly difficult for me to just sit. Unless it’s raining out of course, then I can sit all day long. But it’s also annoying to me sometimes. LIKE HALEY CHILL THE EFF OUT. YOU’RE NOT GOING TO RUIN YOURSELF IF YOU TAKE A DAY OR THREE OFF (yes, I shout at myself). So here’s a goal I’m making…after the Erie Marathon, I am going to take one entire week off of working out and running. Some people would probably be super duper excited about this…to me, it freaks me out. I always make rest a goal and then get 3 days past race day and am like okay lazy butt, get moving. This time, I’m going to try even harder. I’ll let you know how it goes.

On that note, Sam and I tried out a new gym last night and had a blast (well IDK if he did but I sure did). It’s called The Athlete Lab and yes, it is a Crossfit gym (IDK if I can say that but I am so there). I’ve never done Crossfit, I am not crossfitty, but I think I might want to. First off, we got to do our warm-up outside which legit made me want to pee with excitement. Second, we got to use the rowing machines which has been a dream of mine since 2015. Thirdly, I miss feeling like a High School athlete and I feel like this will bring me back to the good ole days of High School track. GOD DO I MISS TRACK. So yes, maybe we will become a Crossfit fam, maybe we will not…but I’m sure I’ll keep you posted. Also, I’m super bummed I don’t have a photo to share of our first workout experience together but Sam said, “Can’t you just enjoy a moment and take a picture with your mind?” Truer words have never been spoken to me.

There you have it, one super spazzy, brain-fart of a post. Thanks for sticking it out with me. Next week will be better…actually it probably won’t but you’ll only find out if you come back to read that post…see what I did there? OMG A little puppy just walked by my window. Okay, bye!




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