Hey. Last week I blogged on Thursday. I told myself it might be cool to blog once a week…every Thursday would be my day. My signature move. MJ had the moon walk. I’d have Thursday’s (and no, I did not just compare myself to MJ). But then Tuesday rolled around and it’s a beautiful day and I just really wanted to blog. So here I am, keeping it exciting. Throwing curve balls from right field. Holler.

Lots of cool stuff has happened since Thursday anyway. You might be interested, you might not. IDK. IDC. LOL. JK.

Lets start with running since that is the main topic of this blog. Friday morning I met up with the ARUNfam for a nice, easy, 12 miles…or so I thought. An easy 12 miler turned into a super-soaked, but kickass 13 miler. Here’s how it went down:

Start with 2 easy-ish paced miles (I think these were somewhere around 9 minute miles)

Miles 2-6 @ marathon pace

Miles 6-10 @ a little faster than marathon pace


Miles 10-12 (in this case 13) easy cool down.

I did my best to keep these paces and the run went by super fast. Now it’s less than 2 weeks from race day and I just can’t wait to show up in Erie, PA with cool people, fun shoes, and a positive attitude.

Moving on. I took a video of myself doing some squats at the gym. A) I had the place to myself and thought “eh, loosen up wouldja?” B) I actually wanted to check myself out…JK check my form out. So here you are to witness my first ever BLOG VIDEO. I hope you’re as excited as me. PS don’t mind the crotch shot at the end…I’m an amateur.

Moving on again. Over the weekend my favorite sister and her BF came to visit. The lot of us visited IKEA on Saturday (I LOVE THAT PLACE), then went to the most magical place(OK 2nd most magical behind Disney world)…the MN STATE FAIR. It just makes me happy thinking about all the fried foods, drinks, beer, dog shows, animals, cheese, rides, and stuff. So, the day started with a delicious, creamy, dreamy Vietnamese coffee (shoutout to my girl ASPEN for telling me about this. I also know she’s a super loyal reader so hey girl hey). I also tried a sip of the Maple Nitro Coldpress…to die for.  To accompany my drank, I took some bites of my dad’s bacon-wrapped-bacon-drizzled-bacon-bacon-bacon corn dog…probably the best item at the fair IMO.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Vietnamese Coffee

I drank some dranks (mini-donut beer, hellooooo nurse), went down a giant slide, ate some cookies, cinnamon bread stuff, pork mole tamale (INSANE), and more but I can tell you probably don’t care…about the fair. Sam didn’t get to go because he was watching some fight or drafting a football team or something so we’re going this weekend and I’m fully prepared to eat more, go on more rides, and live it up.

Lastly, last post I talked about having trouble with balance. One thing that helps me is writing stuff in my planner and putting in one full rest day a week. Having that visual really keeps me accountable and gives me a little “reward” to look forward to. Here’s a peek into a week of my planner:

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Always make room for Happy Hour with the gals

Cool eh? So that’s about all the exciting things going on in this part of MN. Maybe we’ll chat Thursday, maybe we won’t. Either way, have a great day (I only said that because it  rhymed).

-Peace, love, and puppies.



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