Ya Want the Wine? Drink the Wine.

Oh hi there (say that in your most minnesotan accent ya). Tonight’s post is brought to you from my front stoop. Call me stoop girl. Not stoopid girl becuase that’s mean and I don’t like mean people. But yes, it’s 65 degrees out in MN and Ruthie and I are soaking up as much fall as we possibly can.

Continuing on the trail of fall, I FRIGGING LOVE FALL. A. October is the best month (for many reasons other than my birthday month).

B. APPLES. I usually eat an apple a day but they are so much better when you get to pick them yourself from the actual orchard. That is exactly what I did with my parents last weekend. The apples this year rock. They’re big, flavorful, and beautiful. Of course, when you pick the apples, you must bake with the apples. After cleaning and peeling about 12 apples (my wrist felt like it was broke mind you), I whipped up a delicious batch of homemade apple sauce. I also tried my hand at my mom’s famous apple crisp recipe. Hesitant to even try because her’s is literally the best thing on the planet, I gave it a whirl. And you know what? It turned out. I was pretty shocked but also excited and may have already consumed over half the 9×13 pan. Balance, right?

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My First Apple Crisp

C. CROCKPOTS. Hello buffalo chicken chili, pot roast, soup, tummy warming goodness. I also found a recipe for crockpot banana bread I’m curious about…if there’s time in the next week, I’ll give it a try. PS, when the recipe calls for 1/2 cup Frank’s Red hot, you should probably listen…my mouth is on fire RN.

D. HIKING. If you have read my blog before, you probably know I’m mighty obsessed with the beauty that Mother Nature has given us. It’s really insane how beautiful the good ole Midwest can be. Last weekend I visited 2 of the most lovely state parks in the area. One day consisted of a grand 6 mile run, the other of a lovely 5 mile hike with my parents and pup. I normally wake up in the 5’s on the weekend so I can get going by the time the sun starts to rise. It’s my favorite part of the day. Usually I am the only one out…on a rare occasion I’ll run into another human hiker friend. Fall doesn’t last long, get out and enjoy the beauty.

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The willow
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Trail Run forever
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Don’t Go Chasin waterfalls

Lastly, non-running workouts. Now that I’m not training for 26.2 miles (still so over road running after the Erie Marathon), I’ve been trying to do some fun workouts to keep things exciting. Here’s a little doozy I did yesterday. The 10 minutes made my lungs burn, the squats made my legs burn. Funsies.

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I also got on the stairmaster today for 18 minutes and forgot how fun that little bugger is. I tried to do front steps, side steps, and skip steps (skip every other step) to keep things adventurous.

Now, for the title of this post. Since the temperatures are getting cooler, I am no longer craving margaritas and Bud Light Limes. I’m craving mother-freaking wine. Red Red wine bitches. It just feels right in the fall. As the sun goes down, sip some wine. During “This Is Us”, sip some wine. You get it. It’s wine time.

My thing is, if you want something, have it. I used to be super freaky about anything I put in my mouth. If it had sugar, no-go. If it had more than 3 grams of fat, no-go. Like tonight-I had some paleo chili thing but tossed some cheese curds in it for added flavor. Years ago I would have never done that.

Sometimes these thoughts creep back up but I’ve gotten pretty good at telling them to go eff themselves. Balance is key. If you want the wine, drink the wine because YOLO. Do what you want because in the end, who really cares if you get a little bloated from consuming a bottle of wine (jk a couple glasses). No one should. And if they do, tell them to drink some wine too. Because wine makes everything better, and the world a happier place.

Goodbye and Goodnight



Marathon #6

First off, let me give a big ol HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my one and only sister Molly. She probably doesn’t even read my blog (that’s how much she loves me) but just in case, happy b-day sis, I love ya.

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Now something fun-this time last week my running pals and I were eating dinner at a restaurant in Erie, PA. I was probably just about to finish my sweet potato tots. They were real good.

Now, why the heck would one travel to Erie, PA you ask? Or maybe you didn’t but I’m going to tell you anyway (also, if you read the title of this post which I’m hopeful you did, that might give you a hint)…for a marathon, doi. Not a Netflix one either. HAHAHAHA I’m hilarious. No, we were there to run 26.2 freaking miles. Saying that outloud right now really sounds insane. Anywho, today’s post is all about Marathon #6.

Like I said we got to Erie on Friday around 4 pm. Eating was item #1 on the list. Finding a grocery store was item # 2. If you’ve been to Erie before, I’d love to hear what you think. I personally would probably never go back. It seemed very industrial. There was a YMCA, zoo, and golf course all next to each other but that seemed to be their top attractions. The peninsula where we ran was incredibly beautiful, but other than that, I didn’t find it that lovely (sorry, just being honest)…besides the neighborhood we stayed in that was cute and adorable.

Moving on. After we found a grocery store (whadup wegman’s!) we settled in for a night of homemade nachos (did you know you can get a scoop of Carnitas at Chipotle for less than $3) and Anchorman. Twas a lovely eve. Even better, I got to sleep in a room that had a sign on the door saying “The Princess Sleeps Here.” So cuteeeee.

Saturday came and it was time for a little shakeout run before the marathon Sunday. It was real hilly by our Air B&B so ended up doing 2 slow and steady miles. A speedy breakfast and we were off to packet pick-up.

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Bib Babies
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Fresh Arm Pit Grab

The packet pick up was super small considering there would only be 2,200 humans running so we didn’t hang out too long…just long enough to snap some super cute photos, drive the course, and become hangry.

For lunch we visited a tiny diner about 20 minutes away that was old enough to be on like some national registry of buildings or something. The food was aight, but the waitress was a hoot. I’d give them 3.5 out of 5 stars.

The remainder of Saturday was spent eating, lounging, reading (HARRY POTTER IS LIFE TO ME CURRENTLY), laying out our outfits for the run, eating, and eating some more. Dinner consisted of the most delicious fish tacos, a solid sweet potato, and loads of H2O. Then we capped the evening off with the Hunger Games and headed to the royal bed chambers for a good night’s sleep. Except I couldn’t fall asleep because silly Harry Potter kept enticing me to read more. That darn J.K. Rowling sure knows her shit.

Fast forward to 5am Sunday morning and we were ready to roll. I consumed one cinnamon raisin bagel with almond butter pre-race. Everything felt pretty great except the fact I hadn’t gone #2 yet. That’s always a bummer. It’s actually pretty silly how stressed out you can become from not pooping before a race. Anyhow it didn’t matter because there were pots along the course.

Now, lets talk about the course. 2 laps around the peninsula. Flat. I mean flat. One side ran along Lake Erie, the other around a bay. Port-o-potties every mile (THANK YOU LORD) and hydration stations ever mile. Sounds like a pretty swell set-up if you ask me.

Fast forward to 7am. 3-2-1 and we’re off. I was pretty confident I could keep my desired pace for 26.2 miles. I just needed to run the following to get myself a 3:45 PR:

Miles 1-3: 8:40 pace
Miles 3-13: 8:35 pace

Miles 13-23: 8:30 pace


Miles 1-3 felt pretty good. My watch told me I was keeping between an 8:40-8:41 pace and all felt right in the world. Then suddenly I looked down at my watch and it had me at an 8:03, an 8:19, and 8:07…SHIT. Either I was going too fast, or my watch was being taken over by wizards and I couldn’t gain control.

Here’s how the remainder of the story goes…by mile 13, I was crashing. My legs were getting tired, and my watch now had me at a 9 minute pace. I was confused, sad, distraught, disappointed, mad, tired…all the emotions. At that halfway point, I literally thought about giving up. But us Fletcher’s, we don’t give up. As much as it sucked, I told myself, “stop worrying about pace. You are going to finish this race. Just give it what you got, have fun, and don’t cry.” At mile 15 or 18 (I don’t remember) I shut my watch off and told myself to let go of the 3:45 goal. Sadness but also relief.

Miles 20-26.2 were the hardest miles of my life. I have never walked in a marathon before but I had to this time. I don’t know why but at first I felt ashamed of walking. I felt like people might look at me and see a loser. Someone who couldn’t run the entire race. My legs and hips started cramping, my left knee went numb, and my freaking toes hurt. But I kept walk-running and crossed the finish line in 4 hours and 7 minutes. A time I’m still very proud of.

I learned a lot on this run. I also cannot figure out why the eff my entire body failed me (yes, I’m being dramatic). Could it have been too flat? Did I not drink enough water the day before? Should I have eaten a donut sometime before the run?

I can critique every part about the run, every part about myself, but when it comes down to it, I still finished a marathon. Yes, I might not want to run another one for a very long time, or maybe even ever, but I can still check marathon #6 off my list.

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So here’s to all the runners-may you never give up. Do not be ashamed for walking, and know that even if you don’t hit your goals, you’re still freaking amazing. Also, it’s OK if you have to poop 2x on the course. Don’t be ashamed.

As fall rolls around, I am so incredibly excited to get back into trail running and cannot wait to run my first trail half marathon in October.

Until them, I’ll be drinking all the red wine and eating all the pumpkin bread.

Cheers to you.


Race Week

I asked Sam how I should start my post this week…he suggested the following:

Hi my name is Haley. I am weird. I love my dog more than my husband. I like twerking.

That was fun, I need to ask Sam for advice more often.

Super exciting stuff…The Erie Marathon is less than a week away. Our plane leaves Friday and the race is actually Sunday which gives us all Saturday to relax, hydrate, and prepare for the big day. I usually like eating…a lot. And keeping my feet up. Oh and drinking. Not alcohol yah sillies…water duh. The weather is supposed to be prime for a marathon…mid-60’s and refreshing. So here’s hoping for a fun race, maybe a PR, and celebratory donuts after.

Now before we talk any more about race week, lets talk about last week. Top things that happened. 1. I finished a book. The Good Girl. It was real good (he he). A thriller that kept me turning page after page (but I guess that’s how you read a book right?). I finished it in like 2 weeks which is pretty fast for me…I get distracted real easy. Now, on to Harry Potter.

2. Sam and I went to the state fair with his fam and it rocked…again. This time around I tested out the beer-ga-rita (aye yi yi), the lobster roll (yum!), the Mango Blonde beer from Liftbridge (highly suggest), french fries, Lingonberry ice cream and Nitro Ice Cream (OK, this stuff was literally insane-SO CREAMY DREAMY DREAM), and I think that’s it.

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Beer me ‘Rita

3. I did a last longish run Saturday morning with my Erie pals Kit and Brie and it was great. The run had 2 huge hills and me legs felt tired but also nice. The run was immediately followed by a salt bath (whadup Dr. Teal) and a really nice brunch made by my really nice and loving husband Sam. He pulled out all the stops with waffles, bacon, and eggs. Ok, I could eat this meal every breakfast…probably.

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Yes, I’m wearing pants.

4. Saturday night I went to a Pizza farm in River Falls with my friend Katie and it was so fun. Each person paid $25 then you wrote down the toppings/sauces you wanted on you ‘za and the really nice owner man freshly baked it up for you in his fancy brick oven. Everyone shares but there was always plenty of slices. All the ingredients were fresh-right from the farm. They even had home-made wine and sangria. They had a huge bonfire once it got dark and had stuff for smores. I’d highly recommend something like this if you have one near you.

5. Saturday’s pizza extravaganza was all in preparation for a gorgi 6 mile hike early Sunday morning. Myself and the Pitsburgher (my new nickname for Ruthie-Sam hates it), got up at 5:30 to hit the trail at one of my fave places on earth. Armed with dog treats and water, we set out. It was about 55 degrees-perfect for shorts, socks, and a sweatshirt. Best weather. Hey fall, we love you and we’re ready for you.

Anyway, we were hiking along when we turned a corner to the most amazing view of the sunrise. People tell me I’m crazy when I tell them how early I get up to do things like hike…but I got to see the sun come up with my best pal…I’d call that winning. Also, we never saw another hiker out…it’s like we had the entire park to ourselves. Ruthie loved it then proceeded to sleep the next 48 hours.

6. I learned how to mow the lawn diagonally on Labor Day. Talk about laboring. But I’m a fancy mower now so if you’re looking for some diagonal lines in your yard, call me…maybe.

Ok, back to race week. I’m trying to take it easy workout-wise but it’s hard. Yesterday I took an Alchemy class with my BFFLs Sam and Lauren and I think we did like 200 air squats so hey butt, what’sup? I then did 3×1 mile repeats. Hey-if you want to make yourself run faster, head out 10 minutes before a large down pour of rain begins…I bet that’ll make you run like you’re being chased by a herd of bears…or a thunderstorm. I kept my pace around 7:20 per mile so that was neat. I felt fast for the first time in like 3 months. Holler.

Today I did some Thrusters and bench press and bar bell side bends. Hey side abs, see you tomorrow. Tomorrow I’m hoping to do my last run of 4 miles. At an easy pace. I’m also planning on eating a donut…or 2. Because raceweek=carb-loading.

So, this was a long, rambly post but thanks for hanging out and taking time to read about my life. Until next time friends.