I asked Sam how I should start my post this week…he suggested the following:

Hi my name is Haley. I am weird. I love my dog more than my husband. I like twerking.

That was fun, I need to ask Sam for advice more often.

Super exciting stuff…The Erie Marathon is less than a week away. Our plane leaves Friday and the race is actually Sunday which gives us all Saturday to relax, hydrate, and prepare for the big day. I usually like eating…a lot. And keeping my feet up. Oh and drinking. Not alcohol yah sillies…water duh. The weather is supposed to be prime for a marathon…mid-60’s and refreshing. So here’s hoping for a fun race, maybe a PR, and celebratory donuts after.

Now before we talk any more about race week, lets talk about last week. Top things that happened. 1. I finished a book. The Good Girl. It was real good (he he). A thriller that kept me turning page after page (but I guess that’s how you read a book right?). I finished it in like 2 weeks which is pretty fast for me…I get distracted real easy. Now, on to Harry Potter.

2. Sam and I went to the state fair with his fam and it rocked…again. This time around I tested out the beer-ga-rita (aye yi yi), the lobster roll (yum!), the Mango Blonde beer from Liftbridge (highly suggest), french fries, Lingonberry ice cream and Nitro Ice Cream (OK, this stuff was literally insane-SO CREAMY DREAMY DREAM), and I think that’s it.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Beer me ‘Rita

3. I did a last longish run Saturday morning with my Erie pals Kit and Brie and it was great. The run had 2 huge hills and me legs felt tired but also nice. The run was immediately followed by a salt bath (whadup Dr. Teal) and a really nice brunch made by my really nice and loving husband Sam. He pulled out all the stops with waffles, bacon, and eggs. Ok, I could eat this meal every breakfast…probably.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Yes, I’m wearing pants.

4. Saturday night I went to a Pizza farm in River Falls with my friend Katie and it was so fun. Each person paid $25 then you wrote down the toppings/sauces you wanted on you ‘za and the really nice owner man freshly baked it up for you in his fancy brick oven. Everyone shares but there was always plenty of slices. All the ingredients were fresh-right from the farm. They even had home-made wine and sangria. They had a huge bonfire once it got dark and had stuff for smores. I’d highly recommend something like this if you have one near you.

5. Saturday’s pizza extravaganza was all in preparation for a gorgi 6 mile hike early Sunday morning. Myself and the Pitsburgher (my new nickname for Ruthie-Sam hates it), got up at 5:30 to hit the trail at one of my fave places on earth. Armed with dog treats and water, we set out. It was about 55 degrees-perfect for shorts, socks, and a sweatshirt. Best weather. Hey fall, we love you and we’re ready for you.

Anyway, we were hiking along when we turned a corner to the most amazing view of the sunrise. People tell me I’m crazy when I tell them how early I get up to do things like hike…but I got to see the sun come up with my best pal…I’d call that winning. Also, we never saw another hiker out…it’s like we had the entire park to ourselves. Ruthie loved it then proceeded to sleep the next 48 hours.

6. I learned how to mow the lawn diagonally on Labor Day. Talk about laboring. But I’m a fancy mower now so if you’re looking for some diagonal lines in your yard, call me…maybe.

Ok, back to race week. I’m trying to take it easy workout-wise but it’s hard. Yesterday I took an Alchemy class with my BFFLs Sam and Lauren and I think we did like 200 air squats so hey butt, what’sup? I then did 3×1 mile repeats. Hey-if you want to make yourself run faster, head out 10 minutes before a large down pour of rain begins…I bet that’ll make you run like you’re being chased by a herd of bears…or a thunderstorm. I kept my pace around 7:20 per mile so that was neat. I felt fast for the first time in like 3 months. Holler.

Today I did some Thrusters and bench press and bar bell side bends. Hey side abs, see you tomorrow. Tomorrow I’m hoping to do my last run of 4 miles. At an easy pace. I’m also planning on eating a donut…or 2. Because raceweek=carb-loading.

So, this was a long, rambly post but thanks for hanging out and taking time to read about my life. Until next time friends.




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