Big news people. I deleted my Instagram. There. The news is out. Like full on deleted it. You can now call me “Insta Gramless.” Cool. It happened last Friday and I’ve never been happier. JK, I have. But it feels amazing. I feel like I have a whole new world in front of me…a dazzling place I never knew (name that movie).

So, why delete the gram? I’ll tell you. I was getting drug down a deep dark hole of comparing my life to picture perfect grammers. The girls with perfect hair, perfect bodies, perfect smiles…Yep. Not gonna lie, I compared myself to those girls daily and it was getting annoyingly annoying. I compared my life to people who travel more than I do and started to feel bad for myself. I’d ask myself, why can’t you travel more? In the end, I’d always feel bad about myself. I was also spending wayyyyyyy to much time with my eyes glued to my phone. I spend 8 hours a day staring at a computer screen…I don’t need to stare at a phone screen as well. Sam would also feel sad becuase I’d be on the Gram almost always which meant I was not present with him or Ruthie or whoever else was around me.

So, almost a week down and I am feeling so much better. It’s really nice not worrying about what I’m missing out on if I don’t scroll the gram every 10 minutes. It’s really nice taking in the my surroundings instead of constantly IG storying or snapping pics. I will still take pictures and I still have Facebook (only for the puppy vids), but I feel so fucking free. Here’s to spending the rest of my life Insta Gramless and appreciating the things around me and living in the moment.

Moving on. This past Saturday, I was fortunate enough to volunteer with a local organization called My Team Triumph. My running pals and I pushed chairs in the Twin Cities 10K and it was probably one of my most amazing experiences ever. Seeing the smiles on the riders faces was the best. Hearing cheers from other runners literally brought tears to my eyes. The course was beautiful and it was the perfect morning for a run. I highly suggest getting involved in the community if you are able. Together, we can help bring joy to other’s lives and make a difference.

2017-10-04 05.50.08 1.jpg

My sis, her bf, and their pup were in town last weekend also so that was a blast. Saturday afternoon we all piled into my sister’s car and drove to Stillwater, MN for some window shopping and lunch. Lunch was below average, but the company and laughs made up for it. I also forgot my leftovers which I guess was alright because I wasn’t super attached to my pork chunks. The candy store across the street from where we ate really satisfied my sugar craving and I left with a bag of Chewy Sprees and Sour warheads…my mouth waters thinking about eating those babies.

After lunch we headed over to the Lift Bridge brewery. Now, that was funsies 2.0. I chugged a mango blonde then my sister and I proceeded to call my mom, dad, and brother and sing them voicemails.  I wish someone would call me and leave drunken vmails…JK don’t.

Saturday night, my super awesome dad built a very large bonfire in our backyard. I mean it felt like the flames shot up to the sky (they didn’t obvi but that’s how big it felt). It was a lovely day full of fresh air, family, and love. The best kind of Saturday.

2017-10-04 05.50.08 2.jpg
Fire to the sky

This week has been busy coaching Middle School Cross Country, meal prepping, and exploring a new park! Our CC meet was at the Lake Elmo Park Reserve yesterday and feeling inspired by all the runners, I decided to hang around after and hop on one of the many trails (side note, the park has free entry every first Tuesday of the month…go!). It was a 3.8 mile loop around a pond/lake body of water, through the woods, and around some prairies. It was hilly to v hilly but a blast. Like I’ve been saying, trail running is the best. It just makes me so happy. Try it!

2017-10-03 05.55.34 1.jpg

After the run I rushed home to make a lovely dinner of pork chops, sauerkraut, mashed potatoes, and cranberries…yes, the kind that come from a can. Let me tell you, this was one stinky meal. My bum was like a firecracker after but w/e, it’s just a natural thing ya know? Everyone loves a tooter. Tooter, that’s a funny word…yes, I know I’m weird. Live your best life. Be weird, be you.

Das ist alles. Auf weidersehn (apparently the pork chops turned me German).

-Hales McGales


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