Really trying to keep these titles clever. It’s realllllllll tough. Also, I just painted my nails and am trying supes hard not to smudge them…also real tough.

Had the day off today so of course I’m trying to pack as much stuff in as humanly possibly. Woke up at 6am to Sam’s alarm, drank some coffee, did some strict presses at the local gym, then hit up the doctor for an annual check-up. What a super fun morning OMG **flips hair.* JK, that was weird. To reward myself for a clean check-up, I stopped at Target to grab a fall scented candle. I stood in the candle aisle for about 5 minutes sniffing all the different pumpkin and pine flavored scents (side note, why in the world do they have a candle flavored like flannel sheets? That’s just odd) and finally chose a pumpkin vanilla candle. Go team fall!

After Target I made a little stop at Chuck and Don’s for some dog food for little Ruthie before taking an A20 at Alchemy. The workout was a blast and a half per usual. For some reason, I have been getting super duper sweaty lately and it’s annoying to very annoying but whatever, I guess I’m just a sweaty human? It’s like I hit 25 and my sweat increased 2 fold (IDK what that even means it just sounded scientific) and now that I’m a day away from turning 28, I’m really curious to see what happens to my bodily functions. Anyway, I hit up a local hill post A20 for some hill sprints to conclude the days work. The hill is about .20 miles long and is right along the river in Minneapolis. I did 6 sprints with a nice jog down for recovery and loved every minute.

The rest of the afternoon was filled with vacuuming, dusting, toilet scrubbing, laundry-ing, and a little meal preppage. Oh yeah, and one more glass of iced coffee.

Now for part 2 of this post. Last weekend. OMG I can’t even begin to describe how fun/enjoyable/relaxing/exciting/FUN it was. Sam and I borrowed his mom’s mustang (I don’t remember what kind it is but it’s old and COOL and has red interior!) and met up with my parents for a weekend fall drive.

2017-10-09 12.54.27 2.jpg
My cute little parents
2017-10-09 12.54.41 2.jpg
Our ride for the weekend

The trip started from Hudson then drove down the Mississippi River road through towns like Maiden Rock, Pepin, Alma, La Crosse, Winona, Prairie du Chen, Ferryville…and many more. We took our time, stopped about every hour, and saw some really beautiful scenery. The road wound through all these tiny towns and followed the river tightly.

In Alma, we had lunch at Pier 4. I had the ribs and pulled pork plate and thought it was tasty! The baked beans were insane.

2017-10-09 12.54.40 2.jpg
Sup foo

The weather was super shitty on Saturday and it rained pretty much all day but it was actually v relaxing and made the drive super cool.

2017-10-09 12.54.34 2.jpg

2017-10-09 12.54.38 2.jpg
Rain in the distance

After driving for about 5 hours on Saturday, we made it to Iowa. We stopped at a neat little park called Pike’s Peak in McGregor and boy oh boy was the view beautiful. I’m always amazed by the things in the Midwest. The Mississippi River blows my mind.

2017-10-07 04.56.11 2.jpg
View from Pike’s Peak

After stopping at the overlook, we were on to our final destination, Dubuque, Iowa. I probably never would have traveled to this city but I’m glad we did. It has the most amazing supper club I’ve even been to in my life. The place…Timmerman’s. It’s situated up on this cliff and overlooks the water. It’s gorgeous and the food/service was the best. I walked in and instantly wanted to stay forever. There’s a big bar in the dining room where we started off with a lovely glass of vino, then made our way to our table next to the window (if you even come here, ask for a window seat, totes worth the extra wait).

Our meal started off with stuffed mushrooms (Sam picked out all the stuffing and left the mushroom cap LOL), then headed into the main course. I went with the duck and my mom instantly said, “aww, you’re eating Ducky.” Yes, she was referring to the little duckling on Land Before Time. Thanks mom. I ate it anyway and LOVED it. Duck really does taste a bit like chicken but this one was so moist and had a delicious cranberry sauce on top. My dad let me pick out birthday dessert so I obvi went with the decadent chocolate cake and it did not disappoint. I’m so happy just thinking about this meal/time with my fam. The best.

After dinner, we went back to the hotel (which was attached to a casino) and played a few slots. My dad and I were unlucky but Sam and my mom won like $50! Go team!

Sunday was a little stressful as our car started having some trouble but we still made the most of it. We had a nice walk in the morning before heading off to the town of Galena. Oh gosh I fell in love with this town. It felt like I was back in the colonial times. The sidewalks were brick and many of the buildings were made out of that beautiful red brick as well. GO TO GALENA.

Our trip came to a close at 9:30 pm last night after about 600 miles of driving in 2 days. It was so fun to get out and explore our beautiful country. The US has so much to offer. Get out and explore. Make memories. See the land people. It’s lovely out there. PS, I’m still not on insta (virtual high fives) so here’s some more pics from the weekend. And yes, those are chickens in a yard…the things ya find in Iowa.

Cheers world/nature. I love ya.



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