This coming weekend I’m running a half marathon…on a trail…in Duluth…with my girl Katie. I feel under-trained, over-excited, and have low to medium expectations. This run is more about having fun, seeing the beautiful sights from the top of Duluth, down their ski hill, and to the lake. It’s about taking our time, appreciating the weather, then drinking bloodies after we complete 13.1 miles. It will be my first trail marathon and boy oh boy it should be an experience for the ages.

To train (yes I know I said I feel under-trained), I’ve been trying to run on the trails at least once a week. There aren’t any trails close to me so I usually head over to my supa cool parents house to do this. The furthest I think I’ve run is like 7 miles so I’m feeling meh about mileage but my legs also feel pretty darn freshhhhhhhhhh. I’ll report back after Saturday in case you’re curious. Until them, think about me.

Now, o the meat of this post…friends. Boy do I have some good ones. Last weekend the guhls and I ventured up to Girl Sam’s (I’ll refer to my friend Sam as Girl Sam and my husband Sam as Boy Sam for the time being) parents house north of Minneapolis. Not saying where we went because I know there are weird-o’s out there who might want to follow us next time LOL JK.

2017-10-17 04.13.48 1.jpg
Falling so hard for these leave (LOL)

Saturday afternoon we reached our destination after a 2 ish hour trip, cool music, a little shopping at a certain outlet mall, and girl talk, duh. Sam’s lovely mom had a delicious lunch waiting for us with a side of hot apple cider. YUM. I think hot apple cider is the new pumpkin spice latte….or it should be. Or maybe it shouldn’t so I can have more for me.

Anywho, after lunch, we chilled (like fine wine), had a bonfire (complete with S’mores), did fall things (AKA a photo shoot in the leaves), and just enjoyed being carefree, young gals. These girls are the best and they make me LOL. Like actual laugh out loud. Gosh, friend weekends are the bee’s knees.

2017-10-17 04.13.49 1.jpg
I want S’more fall weather
2017-10-14 05.20.46 1.jpg
Yes, I’m wearing shoes

The thing about being up North is you just feel so cozy all the time. There were always blankets within arms reach, warm drinks, snuggly couches, girl talk, boy talk, whatever talk, and it filled my heart with happiness and joy (for real though).

2017-10-17 04.13.46 1.jpg
Cozy AF

These girls are truly the greatest. They don’t judge me for being my weird self. There’s no fighting, no drama-it’s just good, happy fun. I knew it was real friendship when everyone was in for boardgames and apple cider mules Saturday night. Matches made in friend heaven if you ask me. And when sprinkles began filling the monopoly pieces, no one even turned a cheek. Because a sprinkle in a board game wheelbarrow and high top sneaker is normal.

2017-10-17 04.13.45 1.jpg
Look closely and you’ll find something sweet

Last reason I know our friendship is true…they got me a birthday cookie cake and sang to me. I could cry just thinking about it. UGH. The best. It was a lovely weekend with the greatest friends and I feel so happy to have found 3 gals that make life fun.

2017-10-17 04.13.23 1.jpg
3 cool friends

Find your people who appreciate you for you, no matter how strange you might be.

And have a great day 🙂




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