It snowed on Friday and I’m thrilled. It was so pretty and magical and I hope it stays forever. Except it won’t because it is now raining and I’m sadly watching each flake disappear from my front yard.

Since Friday, I’ve watched 6 Hallmark Holiday movies…I’ve seen them all already before so I kind of half watched them while doing chores/baking/re-arranging stuff, but gosh, I love them so much. I think one of my *secret* dreams  might actually be to star in a Hallmark Christmas movie. Here’s what I’d hope for…I’d like to be in like the town of Cookieville. I’d like my name to be Holly, or Joy, or even Rudy (like the reindeer). I’d like one of those cute houses they always have with every Christmas decoration imaginable, real snow, and of course a dog. A girl can dream right? Hallmark, when you’re ready, hit me up.

So real fast update on running. It’s been a week and a day since my trail half and I feel pretty good. I did a 5 and 4 mile street run last week and it felt super nice to just run. No time goals, no distance goals…just run as far as you feel good. I also feel like every workout I did last week involved air squatslunges, and push ups. I’m V sore but I like it. I like it a lot. This week I really feel like rowing and running sprints so trying to think of a fun workout to do with that. My Alchemy membership ends Tuesday and I’m very sad but also excited to do some stuff on my own.

Ok, enough about that. Lets talk about my dog.

2017-10-29 03.38.30 1.jpg
Just the cutest snuggle monkey

She is currently sleeping on my feet after a 5.5 mile hike with my mom at our favorite state park in Wisconsin. Ruthie’s Birthday* is this coming week and I’m so excited to celebrate her. I say that with a * because sadly, we don’t know her exact birth date. She was a rescue and so we guessed the date based on her adoption date age. I picked October because it’s my fave month obviously. So October 31st is her Birthday.*

Let me tell you something, before Ruthie, I didn’t really like dogs. I never grew up with one, and to be honest, they scared me. I have no idea why because I never had a bad experience, I just had an aversion to them. That all changed once Baby Ruth came along. Out of all the dogs we could have rescued, we chose a Pitbull. And you know what? It’s the best thing that ever happened to me (well besides being borned, getting married, and a few other items).

I know, everyone thinks there dog is the best so I’m going to hop on that train and say my dog is the best. She’s kind, she’s caring, she loves to hike. She’s fast AF. She’s a little bundle of muscle. She’s strong. She’s cute. And my fave thing about her…she’s a snuggler. I think that’s why I love her so much. She nestles right into my big spoon at night and it’s just the cutest thing. She keeps me warm. She gives me hugs and kisses. And she makes me feel so loved.

I feel so happy to have little Ruthie, monkey, poop monster, baby girl, little cutie as my pup child. She’s showed me what it means to truly care about something (obvi besides friends and fam) and has made life a whole helluva lot more fun/adventorous/happy/love-filled.

Hopefully she’s reading this post on her new pup-cell but Baby Ruth, I love ya so darn much. Happy 3rd (21st) Birthday. Stay fun.

2017-10-29 03.38.26 1.jpg
Snug Monkey
2017-10-29 03.38.24 1.jpg
Must be close 




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