Gooooooood freaking morning! Happy Friday to all and to all a good day (I haven’t even had coffee yet).  

I woke up at 4:30 am and am just so ready for today. Not only is it FRIDAY (loud cheers) but it’s also girls weekend at my favorite sister’s house up in Duluth, MN. My mum and I are peacing outta the cities at 2. Word on the news says they’re supposed to get snow so that means we will be snuggling up inside with her doodle Teddy, drinking wine, crafting, and baking. Yahoooo. So excited I could pee or poop.

So like I said, I woke up early, went to the gym, and did a super fun workout. My legs feel very tired but idc because I sit at a desk all day so I like getting physical (hehe) before the day truly begins. Here’s what I did, maybe you’ll try it, maybe you won’t. I’d recommend you do. I got sweaty. And ended up rowing my furthest distance of 1500 m.

Now on a more serious note, something has been on my mind lately. Wants. How many times a day do I find myself wanting something…new hair color, new shoes, more puppies, bigger biceps, a better house, a vacation, an unlimited Whole Foods budget… the list goes on. Sam always yells at me for this. He says, be happy with what you have, you have it pretty good. And he’s right, but I keep wanting. 

I’ve tried making lists of what I want most but that doesn’t help…I just keep adding more things. The point is, I struggle with being happy with what I currently have. There I said it. Don’t they say the first step is admitting you have a problem?

I mean I am incredibly happy in life but the things are where I become a shitty human. It sucks and I know I shouldn’t want more, but something inside me keeps online window shopping daily. Delta, Free People, MN Pitbull rescue…the list grows and grows by the minute. It’s awful, sad, and makes me disappointed in myself. But I’m working on it.

My goal this month is to find ways to not want more. Maybe that means cleaning my boots from last year so they look brand new. Maybe that means saving my weekly budget so I can take a fun trip to Whole Foods once a month. Maybe I will re-organize my closet and find a new outfit combo to wear…like the one below. It’s going to be a big challenge but my name is Haley and I like a good challenge. 

So here’s to embracing what we have, being happy, and not caring if our shoes are last years model. You rock and don’t need new things to make you happier.
PS New Maroon song “Wait”…it’s fiyaaaa. OK, that’s all.




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