For some reason I’m just in a really happy mood right now. It could be the Christmas Music blaring from my speaker (favorite Holiday song…go!), it could be the fact that Thanksgiving is a week away and I get to visit my bro and sis-in law in New York, or it could be the egg nog scented candle slowly burning in the kitchen. It doesn’t matter, it’s just a really nice, warming feeling to have.

It’s not even 5PM (well by the time this post is finished it might be) and I’ve got a pie in the oven (pumpkin DUH), I took the dog for a super fun walk, I vacuumed, AND have a load (make that 2) of laundry going…I tell ya, getting done with work at 3PM is the greatest gift of life.

Can we talk about pumpkin pie fast? OMG isn’t it the easiest thing to bake? It takes about 3 minutes to prep and then your handy oven does the rest…and it makes your house smell insane. The only thing is the pie crust I bought may have been a little small. As soon as I poured all the pie crap in, it totes overflowed and pumpkin pie leaked onto the floor.


Thank God for paper towels and pine scented Mrs Myers cleaning spray. PS right now my house smells like pine trees, lavender, egg nog, and pumpkin pie…Sam’s gonna be like “Did Christmas poop on our house?” when he gets home. Secretly he likes it.

Anyway, whilst I was baking said pie, I was also listening to my Holiday playlist that I made last year on Spotify. It’s a mix of NSYNC, Mariah, Pentatonix, Johnny Mathis, Bing, and a handful of others. It brings a smile to my face and a rap-tap-tapping to my toes. Everyone thinks I’m weird so I took a video of me trying to dance with my dog while baking my pie. She shot me down which just goes to show I am an odd human…but you know what? I’m SO okay with it. As long as I’m having fun, that’s all I care. You can call me weird…it won’t offend me 🙂

On to bigger and better things now. Tomorrow is give to the max day here in MN and I am for sure giving to Underdog Rescue. This is where we got Ruthie and I am forever grateful to them for giving us the greatest thing I’ve ever gotten. I would love to help in more ways but for now, donating is better than nothing right?

So that’s really all that’s going on in my world today…my legs are supa tired/ sore from life this week so I’m gonna take a salt bath then eat some pie.

Bye bye!









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