Sunday’s rule. They are really my most favorite day of the week. Most people probably love Saturday or even Friday but I’m like, “nah, give me Sunday every day.” Again, most normal humans probably never set an alarm on Sunday and spend half the morning nestled in bed. I beg to differ.

Sunday’s are another day I set my alarm (while not for 4:30 like m-f)…usually for 5:30 or 6:00 am. I pop out of bed, pop my gummie vitamins, and head for the gym…usually I get it all to myself…SCORE.

Today was one of those morning’s I kind of sort of wanted to throw my phone at the TV when the alarm went off but then I told myself, get up, it’s Sunday! Any workout is better than no workout. Plus, today’s workout is one of my faves…I drove the mile to the gym, did a little warm-up, then got down to business. It looked like this:

2017-12-03 041332740716..jpg

In the workout above, normally I’d do the 5,10, 15 200 m run for 10 or 20 minutes but today 10 felt too short and 20 felt too long so I did 15. Again, you rule your workout so go with what you want/how you feel. I did 3 strict pullups without bands and eked out 2 with a band and it felt great! That’s a great way to work on your pullups at the gym…grab a resistance band, loop it through the pull up bar, put one foot in the band and let it help you get your chin up and over the bar. It’s not cheating, I promise.

It’s also been fun using the BOSU ball recently. You can pretty much do anything on it…I like to do bent over rows standing on it, squats, deadlifts, push-ups…it’s a cool way to add an extra element of balance to any workout. Get creative, it really makes working out fun.

2017-11-30 031470729369..jpg

After the gym, I usually grab some iced coffee and breakfast from my refridge then grab the pup and head to my parents house. They live by a State Park and Ruthie and I love hiking there with my mom and dad. There are a ton of different routes we take but recently we’ve been doing a nice 5 mile trail. It’s a great way to see my parents and tire out the dog (she will literally sleep the rest of the day after a big hike and fresh air…gosh I love her).

2017-12-03 04172546557..jpg
Grandma D made Ruth new PJ’s!

Today was also a blast because after the hike, I headed to my gal pal Laura’s to decorate Christmas cookies. This is the one thing that truly makes it feel like the holidays. I loveeeeee frosting and decorating so much. Almost as much as eating the broken ones 🙂

2017-12-03 04539510881..jpg

The rest of the Sunday usually consists of some football watching/listening while meal prepping for the week (this week is egg bake, sloppy joe, and roasted veggies), vacuuming (my favorite chore), more coffee, laundry (hello fresh sheets), pup snuggles, a Hallmark movie or 2 (because it’s Christmas, duh), then hopping into bed around 8PM and getting ready for the week ahead. See, what’s not to like about Sunday? Sam usually works until 7PM Sunday night which is why he is not involved in many of these Sunday plans…sadness. But sometimes he’ll come home with fast food and we watch Sunday Night Football which is a real treat…moderation people.

Cheers to Sunday, December, and a cold (hopefully snowy) week ahead.




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