It’s 5:27 pm and I’m drinking wine. What else is there to do when it’s 15 degrees outside? Welcome Mr. Winter. I like your snow but this ice and cold crap…if you could please get rid of that, that would be the bee’s knees.

So I noticed today, I have a real obsession with Mrs. Myers soaps. OMG. They smell like Christmas and they rule. I currently have Peppermint, Pine, and Orange Clove. And I’m not even mad about it. They smell so good and are always on sale at Target…so why not buy them all.

2017-12-07 08139976708..jpg

Speaking of Target, as I was fulfilling my soap needs yesterday, I came across a cute planner for 2018. It’s always exciting coming upon a new year. It’s a good time to make plans for things you may want to accomplish over the next 365 days. It’s a good time to set goals such as saving every $5 bill you receive…it’s a great time to get excited, motivated, and drink more wine.

2017-12-07 08244503557..jpg

Moving right along…today’s main topic…running in the winter. Us Minnesnowtans got a dose of winter this week. Monday morning it was a balmy 55 degrees and by the time I went to bed (yes, at 8 pm) it was freezing rain/snowing and about 20 degrees. Now it’s like a frozen tundra with lows in the single digits and wind chills in the below zeros. But I’m not here to tell you about the weather.

How does one continue to run in these frigid temps? I’m not going to lie, I ran on a treadmill twice this week and did the stair master for 20 minutes and it’s no where near as exciting as running outside but sometimes road conditions make it unsafe to run so better to have a boring cardio workout than fall and break your legs right? I think so.

But I will tell you, when it’s this cold, I keep runs slower and make sure to bundle up. I say slower because the ice makes it tricky to grip the pavement. I know some people use spike and special shoes but I really like my current running shoes and am not really a spikey person.

Now, layering is key. Think sweat pants (I tried Lululemon wunder unders the other day and they did not keep me warm so I tried my sweats today and those did the trick), hoodies, hat, gloves, vest, and warm socks. You’ll probably look really silly but again, who freaking cares. It’s not a fashion show (or maybe it is a winter running fashion show?). I really could care less what I look like as long as I can feel my limbs it’s all good in the neighborhood.

Running is the only way I can get my dog outside in the winter so we’ve been bundling up after work and heading out for 10 minute runs…that’s about all she will handle before she sits down and gives me those puppy dog eyes to go home. Then we go home and she gets right into the warm bed.

2017-12-07 082057703723..jpg

Have fun with winter running. Yesterday I did a 4.5 mile run while it was snowing and it was so pretty. I felt like I was inside a snow globe and it literally made me so happy. I wanted to dance down the sidewalk while tossing snow in the air all to the tune of Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays by NSYNC…I mean I didn’t…maybe…but seriously if you can, get outside. It will make you happy and keep you active. Maybe you’ll even make friends with a magical snowman.

2017-12-07 08916274826..jpg

My IT bands have also felt like absolute shit lately so I brought my Lacrosse ball to work and have been rolling out the bands, hammies, and glutes while sitting at my desk. Yes, I probably make some ugly faces but dangggggg does it feel good. I like to tell myself it helps with recovery too. Even if it doesn’t, it’s still kind of fun and keeps my antsy self occupied during the day.

Now I must leave you to watch the Polar Express and snuggle with Ruthie who currently has her head resting on my shoulder while I type. Stay cool people. Christmas is just 18 days away. Be with your friends and family, smile at a stranger, give an extra $ to the Starbucks barista…be kind.




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