Oh my, would you look at that. It’s the last day of 2017. 365 days have come and gone and it’s time for a new year. I’ve heard a lot of people saying how excited they are for a fresh start. New beginning. I mean technically the only thing that’s new is the # after the 201…but I get it. Something about starting over at 1/1/2018 makes it seem like a fresh start.

2017 was good, weird, fun, exciting, new, and many other things.

I left Instagram and haven’t gone back…allthough I do miss those insta-stories. PS I tried re-starting my account but can’t even remember my user name and password so I guess it was meant to be.

I ran another marathon and 3 half marathons and realized I am ready to take a year off of marathon running. These ole knees are starting to feel the pounding of training and I also really want to have a fun summer where I don’t have to worry about running 20 miles on a Saturday. I think I’ll run more with my dog because she’s fast and makes running even more fun.

I spent lots of time with friends and family and was fortunate to travel to some fantastic places. Really YOLO’d this year.

My dog finally learned she isn’t supposed to go potty in the house. And she’s learning how to stay. She’s one smart cookie.

I started living in the moment and am still working hard on being happy with what I have.

My mom made my sister and I matching sleepers and it’s the best thing that could have possibly ended 2017. Mine has a real deep pocket and it’s perfect for hiding chapstick and York Peppermint Patties.

2017-12-31 081774530494..jpg

Also to end 2017-My dad got a new photo scanner and started sharing all of our childhood photos with us digitally. My sister was a really great holder of me.

2017-12-31 081164333553..jpg

My brother gave us a great way to stay in touch since he lives far away…a Nintendo Switch…and let me tell you…I’m really good at Mario Kart. I even beat Sam in the 150 cc…he wasn’t thrilled 😉

2017-12-31 081147066136..jpg

I received a state park sticker and fit bit for Christmas along with a class pack to my favorite gym…you could say 2018 will be filled with hiking and fitness.

2017-12-31 081481321638..jpg

So there’s a small re-cap of the last year…not like you care. I mean I enjoy writing re-caps but I also kind of feel like they’re braggy. But whatever, it’s fun to remember what you’ve done in a year.

So here’s to a new year and hoping you get to spend it with your loved ones. Here’s to living in the moment, being more present, blogging more consistently, meal prepping better, getting outside more (which has been literally impossible the past week due to subzero fricken freezing temperatures), being sporadic, taking adventures, loving harder, living fiercer, chasing dreams, and being happy.

Happy New Year friends and thanks for reading. I appreciate you.




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