Another day, another cup of coffee. It’s Sunday and I’m happy. The sun is shining, I got in a 6 mile run OUTSIDE, and got to meet/play with a dog named Cookie today who was just the sweetest little girl. Oh and I finally got my dog out side for a decent sized walk. She hates winter (or at least pretends to) and won’t go for a walk if it’s colder than 20 degrees. She’s a little diva but that’s okay, I still think she’s just the best. So it’s been a pretty cool day thus far.

2018-01-07 021029848102..jpg
She woke up like this…

Sunday’s seem to be the most productive day for me…it’s just something about the day that doesn’t stress me out, make me rush, or make me want to curl up in a ball and go to sleep (no, that’s usually Friday).

After a fabtastic (ohmygosh no I did not say that) A20 @ Alchemy this am, I hit up Whole Foods Market for a few fun items. Sidenote: I used to go to whole foods a lot more but realized I can get all my groceries a lot cheaper at Aldi…so now stopping at wf is a very large treat.

Today’s haul included a lovely fresh baguette to go with dinner, paleo bacon (no, I don’t follow a paleo style diet, I just like this bacon…lay-off), pretzel buns (I told the cashier I was feeling pretty carby today…she kindly laughed), and to top it off…CINNAMON ROLLS.

2018-01-07 031653742114..jpg

Oh my gosh I totally forgot about their rolls until I slowly walked past the case full of sweet treats, did a double take, and stopped right in my tracks. I used to get one every Friday but since I started working in the corporate world again, I never have time to go before work. I stared at those rolls for a hot sec then tossed 2 right into my bucket. One for me and one for Sam cuz I’m a nice lady. Can’t wait to eat that at my cube tomorrow.

Now let’s chat meal prep real fast…anyone do a big meal prep for the week on the weekend. I try to because when I don’t I end up eating out (sup Chipotle and donuts) and spending a few dollas I really shouldn’t be spending. Meal prep is fun anyway and makes me feel super professional and grown up.

So after my haul at Whole Foods, I hit up my trusty Aldi to finish off the meal prep shopping trip. I was in and out in about 12 minutes (had to wait at the vegetable freezer section…apparently everyone wanted broccoli today), and ready to make some stuff.

First on the list…Vietnamese coffee. My aunt Linda shared a nice cold glass of this with me one summer and I’ll never forget the moment it hit my tastebuds. Bold coffee+sweetened condensed milk+espresso powder..oh yeah, my fave (those little float-ies are just un-dissolved espresso powder…don’t worry, I don’t suck that bad at making coffee he he).

I obviously made the coffee first so I could drink it while preparing the rest of my food…genius if ya ask me.

Next up, hard boiled eggs. I like to have a dozen of these on hand during the week for easy snack. I pop mine in a muffin tin and bake them at 350 for 30 minutes then put them in a bowl of ice water for about 10 min.

2018-01-07 021587330684..jpg

I also prepped my favorite overnight egg bake (my mom’s trusty recipe) which consists of breakfast sausage, cheese, eggs, and bread (who wouldn’t like that). I can never leave a recipe alone though and add maple syrup, different spices (tumeric-add that shit to everything), and more cheese. I love this casserole because you prep everything then let it sit overnight. You bake it the next morning and have a hot, tasty meal ready to go.

2018-01-07 021545063845..jpg

Now for dinner I’m making this and adding bacon and chicken. Can’t freaking wait.

In between baking, I’ve done laundry, threw a toy for the dog, had multiple dance parties, and planned out the week in my handy-dandy-planner. Nothing like writing down all you hope to accomplish for a week and checking things off day by day…I’m a big list gal and IDK if that’s a good thing or a bad thing but I enjoy it for the time being.

So here’s to Sunday night, a good glass of wine (my current obsession is Onyx Moon red blend found at Trader Joes), and good company.




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