Hello dear friends! Welcome to this fun adventure! I’m so glad you’re deciding to follow along. I am exploring the health and wellness field a little more each day and will be documenting my successes and failures as well ! As I crawl through my 20’s (slowly creeping up on 30), I am soul searching and discovering what it is I can contribute to this world. After all it’s up to me to be the best person I can be and I’d love your help getting there!

First off, let me explain the title of my blog…Real Running. I have always loved writing and running and when chatting with someone about blogging, they brought up the idea of combining both. This blog will be raw and authentic. No fluff, no filters. My life in a nutshell. Hopefully you laugh. Maybe you’ll cry? My main wish is that you find joy in this journey.

I love running and have completed 5 marathons thus far. This last summer running became really fun due to finding the most amazing RunFam through my place of work. Without them, I would have chucked my shoes in the garbage 365 days ago-with them, running has become something I look forward to daily.

I love my job, I love my family and husband, I love my Pitbull Ruthie.

I love football..especially the Green Bay Packers.

I want to travel the world and write about the experience.

I am obsessed with Vietnamese Coffee, sweet treats (donuts, cookies), coffee (duh), and trying new recipes for anything.

Thanks for taking time to read my blog-it really means the world to me!



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